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Is there any significance as to why Saltine crackers have 13 holes in them?

Question #119514. Asked by undudelike.
Last updated Aug 21 2016.

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According to this source talking about crackers in general, there is no reason:

"Is the a symbolic significance to the number of holes in a cracker? According to the experts at Bent's Cookie Factory, the answer is no. The purpose of the holes is keep the product crisp and even. The number and placement of the holes is determined by the size and shape of the cracker. There is no evidence to support the theory that 13 holes in colonial crackers/hardtack stood for the thirteen colonies. In fact? There is no evidence that there were 13 holes in these crackers at all!"

The holes are called docking holes to preclude the formation of large pockets of air while baking.

Nonetheless people like to speculate that the thirteen holes represent the thirteen original colonies.

Response last updated by looney_tunes on Aug 21 2016.
Dec 24 2010, 2:26 PM
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