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In the old group Dino, Desi and Billy, Dino was Dean Martin's son and Desi was Desi Arnaz's son, but was Billy the son of any celebrity?

Question #120935. Asked by 29CoveRoad.
Last updated May 02 2023.

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Brad: Before we get into the wild world of Billy Hinsche's musical career--I'd like to hear something about your parents. We're all familiar with Dino & Desi's parents, but please tell us a little about the Hinsche family.

Billy: The Hinsche family is originally from Germany, the Black Forrest region specifically. My father, Otto, was one of 5 children and he was born of poor German immigrants in Hoboken, NJ, in 1893 (also the birthplace of Frank Sinatra [irony]). In the early 1940s he moved to the Philippines to start a supper club and casino in Manila with his American partners. The day after Pearl Harbor was attacked, the Japanese moved to occupy Manila. He was eventually incarcerated in a Japanese POW camp for civilians (Americans, Australians, nuns and priests, women and children) and spent 3 years in both the Los Banos and Santo Tomas prison camps respectively before being liberated by Gen. Douglas MacArthur (his hero, for obvious reasons) at the end of WWII. He met my young Filipina mother, Celia Bautista, when she and her friends went to his newly established Riviera Club on Roxas Blvd., located directly across from Manila Bay. [no longer exists]

Response last updated by gtho4 on May 02 2023.
Mar 31 2011, 1:55 PM
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Billy met Dino and Desi in grammar school. His dad wasn't a celebrity but his sister married Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys. So he has that going for him.


Apr 01 2011, 8:33 PM
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