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Are all revolving doors made to revolve anti- (counter-) clockwise? All the ones I can remember are oriented that way, but possibly in some countries they go the other way, ie clockwise?

Question #121418. Asked by davejacobs.

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According to wikipedia, "n right hand traffic countries, revolving doors typically revolve counter-clockwise (as seen from above), allowing people to enter and exit only on the right side of the door. In left hand traffic countries such as Australia and New Zealand,[4] revolving doors revolve clockwise,[5] but door rotations are mixed in England.[6]"


Another interesting choice that pedestrians must make is which way to go through a revolving door. In North America and continental Europe, people keep to the right when they pass through revolving doors, and the door rotates counter-clockwise as viewed from above. Alex Boster reports that in Australia and New Zealand, the situation is reversed and people keep to the left. As a tourist, "the second biggest danger to life and limb... was not to get smacked in the face by a revolving door." Joe DeRose writes that in Atlanta (USA), there is a restaurant (the Tavern at Phipps) which has a "large antique revolving door at one of the entrances. A prominent sign on the door reminds people to enter to the left, and explains that the door was originally installed in London in 1908." Practice in the UK varies; you enter some doors on the right, and others on the left!


Here you can see a clockwise door in Australia.


May 15 2011, 10:16 AM
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