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From a literary perspective, how are the words "unemployed at last" indirectly related to the bushranger Ned Kelly?

Question #123637. Asked by Aussiedrongo.
Last updated Aug 30 2016.
Originally posted Sep 26 2011 11:35 PM.

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Unemployed At Last! deemed the best opening sentence of any Australian novel, from Tom Collins' Such is Life (1903). "Such is life" was apparently the last thing Ned Kelly said as he was about to be hanged.

Stephens' greatest achievement as an editor was the recognition and publication in 1903 of the novel, Such is Life, an immensely idiosyncratic tome by Joseph Furphy (1843-1912), alias 'Tom Collins'. Furphy was a self-taught labourer from Shepparton, Victoria, who set out in grandiose fashion to write a realistic tale of rural life, 'temper, democratic; bias, offensively Australian'. The opening line of this extraordinary book is 'Unemployed at last!'-a good indication of its anti-authoritarian stance. Episodic yet ambitiously philosophical in tone, the book displays Furphy's complicated considerations of free will, fate, and class struggle, couched in very Australian story-lines about 'squatters' and toilers on the land. Largely ignored for years, Such is Life was rediscovered by literary critics in the 1940s as representing an important turning-point in Australian fiction, and remains today a widely-unread but highly-touted masterpiece.


Response last updated by Terry on Aug 30 2016.
Sep 27 2011, 12:00 AM
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