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Who holds the world record for the most arrests for drunk and disorderly?

Question #125445. Asked by BaronBatty.
Last updated Aug 11 2021.
Originally posted Mar 18 2012 4:55 AM.

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Henry L. Earl (born October 24, 1949) is a man from Lexington, Kentucky famous for his extensive police record. Nearly all of his arrests have been for public intoxication, with charges of disorderly conduct, third degree trespassing, second degree trespassing, and apparently one count of begging.... The Smoking Gun clarified that Earl has actually been arrested 1333 times since his first arrest in 1970 for carrying a concealed weapon.



Response last updated by CmdrK on Aug 11 2021.
Mar 18 2012, 10:06 AM
BaronBatty star
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BaronBatty star
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Er, there's an Australian with nearly 3,000 arrests for drunk and disorderly.

Mar 18 2012, 10:09 AM
mlcmlc star
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I found that earlier here:


but they claim it is "According to Guinness World Records". However, when you go to the Guiness Records search, "Tommy Johns" isn't found, "drunk and disorderly" isn't found. "Arrests" were found, but none of them pertaining to this.

Response last updated by CmdrK on Aug 11 2021.
Mar 18 2012, 2:26 PM
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