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Do any languages not have a term of apology, such as sorry?

Question #126250. Asked by quogequox.
Last updated Jul 26 2021.
Originally posted Jun 24 2012 3:53 PM.

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Supposedly, there is at least one First Nations language in Canada that has no words for apologies, like "sory" because any act of repentance needs "to produce a tangible act in order for an apology to be of value."

I was unable to find the particular language, but there appears to be at least one!


Jun 24 2012, 7:06 PM
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link quotes a book as saying the Pirahã language (a Amazonian language) as having no words for "I'm sorry."

link says traditional African tribes have no word for "I'm sorry."

link says Navajo has no word for "I'm sorry."

Response last updated by satguru on Jul 26 2021.
Jun 24 2012, 8:56 PM
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