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Are there any mammals that do not produce milk to feed their young?

Question #126370. Asked by Chavs.
Last updated Jul 10 2012.
Originally posted Jul 08 2012 8:57 AM.

Urlord star
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Urlord star
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The platypus is one of the only mammals to lay eggs (see the link to an article about monotremes, below), and it is poisonous. Monotremes (like the platypus) do not have nipples, but do have mammary glands (they "sweat" milk).



Jul 08 2012, 9:06 AM
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12 year member
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Answer has 2 votes.
Mammals by definition produce milk to feed their young

Jul 08 2012, 10:56 AM
Baloo55th star
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Baloo55th star
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Answering the question strictly, yes. Very few male mammals produce milk. In humans at least, there is a condition where males do produce milk, but I can't remember the name for it and doubt that it's enough to feed a baby on. Got it - Galactorrhea link

Jul 08 2012, 3:26 PM
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16 year member
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Answer has 4 votes.
Thank you all.

I will have to presume the answer is no as I can't find any exceptions.

Urlord, thanks but that's a mammal that produces milk. :)

Nautilator, thanks but "live young" is also part of the definition of a mammal but montremes are an exception so I was wondering if there were exceptions to the milk rule.

Baloo55th, very clever, but mammal is a classification, not a sex. :)

Just to add that I think this is what I was searching for (so the answer is definitely no):

link ~ a study of genes and milk productions across the species of mammals.

" is produced by all species in this group and apparently has been for at least 160 million years...."

link ~ a study investigating genes linked with eggs and milk.

"All mammals have at least four physical traits in common. We all possess hair at some point - even whales and naked mole rats. We all have three bones in our middle ear that help amplify sound. We all possess a neocortex in our brains, a structure responsible for higher brain functions. And all mammal species can produce milk."

Jul 09 2012, 5:51 AM
star_gazer star
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star_gazer star
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Echidnas, like the Platypus, sweat milk.


Jul 10 2012, 4:07 AM
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