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What is the difference between a Wren and a Sparrow?

Question #127943. Asked by jamieandbald.
Last updated Nov 21 2012.
Originally posted Nov 21 2012 11:59 AM.

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Wrens have a long, slender, slightly curved beak, small oval body and stiff tail.

The House sparrow has a short, thick bill for eating seeds, and short legs.


Nov 21 2012, 12:48 PM
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Wrens and sparrows come from two completely separate families. Wrens (New World, Troglodytidae) primarily feed on insects. link They are a pleasure to have around, in my opinion.

True sparrows (Old World, Passeridae) are seed eaters. link American sparrows are from a different family, Emberizidae. Sparrows will readily attend birdfeeders.

House sparrows are Passeridae. Their diet is also primarily grains and seeds. Unfortunately, they were introduced to the U.S. from Europe in the nineteenth century and are considered an agricultural pest. They've thrived in many parts of the world due to their strong adaptability. In some areas it's legal to destroy them.

Nov 21 2012, 2:12 PM
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