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What is the etymological source of the German surname Mertesacker?

Question #128698. Asked by gentlegiant17.
Last updated Aug 25 2021.
Originally posted Dec 31 2012 7:10 AM.

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Prof. Dr. J├╝rgen Udolph, Germany's only professor for onomastics claims in the case of Mertesacker: "Zugrunde liegt ein Flur- oder Feldname, worin eine Dialektform zusammengesetzt aus 'Martins' und 'Acker' vorliegt." [quoted from the website]

Roughly translated: The basis for Mertesacker is a field name, a dialect form composed of "Martin's" and "Acker" (field), so basically the name means "Martin's field".,15189364,13647548,view,reader.html no longer exists

Response last updated by gtho4 on Aug 25 2021.
Dec 31 2012, 7:44 AM
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