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How do you call in Latin the phobia of Cyrillic letters, a typical Hungarian malady?

Question #129551. Asked by urbankheki.
Last updated Feb 16 2013.
Originally posted Feb 15 2013 4:57 PM.

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Answer has 3 votes.

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The roots of most phobias are Greek, as is the word "phobia" itself. The long lists of phobias provided at link
link and link do not include a word that precisely fits what you describe, although it could be included in the broader term Russophobia: link

If one wished to construct a specific term for this (as plenty of non-psychiatrists have done to create many of the phobia terms available), one could combine the Greek form of Cyril with the Greek for writing or alphabet and (of course) phobia, something like Kyrillikographophobia or Kyrillikoalphabetophobia...

Some phobias have been named with Latin roots combined with the Greek phobia, but in this case Cyril itself has a Greek root, as does the word alphabet. The Latin for writing, "scripto" could instead be employed to create Cyrillicoscriptophobia...

Feb 16 2013, 1:07 PM
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