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How did Ka-Bar (knives) get its name?

Question #129787. Asked by serpa.
Last updated Mar 03 2013.
Originally posted Mar 03 2013 1:37 AM.

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"The owner of the KA-BAR trademark, the Union Cutlery Co. of Olean, New York, began using the name on its knives and in its advertising in 1923[5] after receiving a testimonial letter by a fur trapper, who used the knife to kill a wounded bear that attacked him after his rifle jammed.[6] According to company records, the letter was only partially legible, with "ka bar" readable as fragments of the phrase "kill a bear".[7][8][9][6][10][11] In 1923, the company adopted the name KA-BAR from the "bear story" as their trademark."


Mar 03 2013, 2:46 AM
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