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What does the word "famigerate" mean?

Question #132550. Asked by playmate1111.
Last updated Sep 17 2013.
Originally posted Sep 17 2013 9:19 AM.

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Answer has 1 vote.

Famigerate is one of those great ole obscure words that had its heyday in the 17th Century, but since then has fallen out of use and favour. Famigeration is the act of carrying news from abroad, or talking about foreign news. Etymology: from Latin fama (fame) + gerere (to carry).
"The midshipman loudly proclaimed the news from the thirteen colonies. Sailors, stevedores and customs officials pressed close to hear him famigerate. To a man, their faces blackened with the reports of the continental congress and its sabre rattling."

Sep 17 2013, 9:38 AM
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