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Has an NHL player ever gotten confused and intentionally shot the puck into his own net, thinking it was the opposing team's net.

Question #142109. Asked by gary1313.
Last updated Jan 16 2016.
Originally posted Jan 16 2016 2:03 PM.

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Answer has 8 votes.

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Yes, there have been "own goals" in the NHL. Since such goals are officially credited to an opposing player, statistics are not readily available. In most cases, it is doubtful that this came from any confusion as to the net they were shooting at; most often, it is an erring pass or clearance into an empty net.

"On seven occasions in the NHL, players have directed the puck into their own empty net, either late in the game or because of a delayed penalty call. This was the situation which resulted in Billy Smith of the New York Islanders becoming the first goaltender to receive credit for a goal in the NHL." -from link One example of this is shown at link

Specific official guidance to game officials on such scenarios is provided at link

A famous mistaken pass with the goaltender in the net eliminated the powerhouse Edmonton Oilers from the Stanley Cup playoffs in 1986, which haunts Steve Smith to this day. -see link and link

A very recent situation does come to mind about the player's intent or "offensive skills kicking in", when the Edmonton Oilers scored all 5 of the goals in their 8 January 2016 3-2 loss to Tampa Bay. Two of those were clearly inadvertent bounces off of a pad and a skate, respectively, but the middle one made me wonder, when forward Taylor Hall made a beautiful mid-air tip into his own net. -see link and link

Please forgive my Oilers bias, but this question required some specific memories to be researched, since the situation is not officially tracked.

Jan 16 2016, 7:22 PM
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