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What was the first country outside the Americas to open a McDonalds restaurant?

Question #144252. Asked by wonkatriv.
Last updated Jul 18 2021.
Originally posted Jun 13 2017 6:41 AM.

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According to this, Australia opened up one in 1971. The four previous locations (Canada, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and US Virgin Islands) that opened up chains between 1967 and 1970 are located in North America.


Jun 13 2017, 11:19 AM
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We've always thought/understood we had the first Macca's outside the Americas, but that may not be the case. It looks like Japan has that honour, beating Australia by five months:
1971 -- New countries - Japan, Holland, Australia, Germany, Panama, Guam.

.. and further digging unearthed this:
Canada was the first country outside the USA, to have a McDonalds. It opened its doors on June 1st, 1967 in Richmond, British Colombia, Canada. More first openings:
* Tokyo, Japan - July 20th, 1971
* Amsterdam - August 21st, 1971
* Sydney, Australia - December 30th, 1971 no longer exists

btw the original first store in Australia, at Yagoona (suburb of Sydney NSW), is no longer there:

Response last updated by gtho4 on Jul 18 2021.
Jun 13 2017, 10:13 PM
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More on the first Japan McDonald's, which was in the center of Tokyo (the Ginza), tiny (50 sq. meters), and had no seating:

Jun 14 2017, 4:09 PM
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