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What are the only two planets in our Solar System that rotate clockwise?

Question #144526. Asked by DR.NO.
Last updated Aug 24 2017.
Originally posted Aug 23 2017 6:19 PM.

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According to the Wikipedia entry on Retrograde and Prograde Rotation, there are two planets which rotate in a clockwise direction, Venus and Uranus.
In our Solar System, all of the planets and most of the other objects that orbit the Sun, with the exception of many comets, do so in the "prograde" direction, i.e. the same sense as the rotation of the Sun. In addition, the rotations of most planets are prograde, with the exceptions of Venus and Uranus...


Aug 23 2017, 10:44 PM
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I'd have to say all of them rotate both clockwise & anti-clockwise. It is relative to your viewpoint.

Example Earth.

Viewed from above the North pole it appears to rotate anti-clockwise about it's axis.

Viewed from above the South pole it appears to rotate clockwise about it's axis

Aug 24 2017, 11:14 AM
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