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What does the expression 'hiving out' mean?

Question #14480. Asked by KJ.

The Gorm
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The Gorm

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Don't know about hiving out but to hive off means to remove from a larger unit or group; form into or assign (work) to a subsidiary department or company; denationalize or privatize (an industry, etc.) (OED)

Nov 12 2001, 7:59 PM
Senior Moments
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Senior Moments

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In colonial New England, it meant leaving a town when the rules or the neighbours were not to one's liking and settling somewhere else.

Nov 13 2001, 12:13 PM
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A quote from James Howard Kunstler's book, "The Geography of Nowhere":

Typically, an early Massachusetts town was organized with individually owned home lots around a fenced common used to pen livestock. Townships were granted whole congregations who crossed the ocean as a group, bringing with them highly localized customs and farming practices. There if a minority couldn't abide the way a town was run, they could resolve their problem by "hiving out" to some unsettled area, always in a group, and creating a way of life with which they were at ease.

Kunstler, The Geography of Nowhere, page 20
Cited to Kostof, America by Design, page 297

Oct 12 2007, 5:57 PM
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