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Where, or how, did the name 'humbug' for a striped hard candy/lolly, originate?

Question #145002. Asked by MarchHare007.
Last updated Nov 08 2017.
Originally posted Nov 08 2017 4:32 AM.

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The name humbug for a black/white, brown/white sweet is often considered to be a term originating in the northern regions of England.
The Oxford English Dictionary describes it as being in common use in the 19th century and having common use in Gloucestershire, England. There is a reference to such a sweet in the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell which was published in 1863.

Nov 08 2017, 5:42 AM
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It's an 18th century word of uncertain origin originally meaning a deception, and also adopted in Britain for the striped mints around a century later. Here is a suggestion for how it became applied to the sweets.



Nov 08 2017, 8:45 PM
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