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Does Jake Gyllenhaal get paid something every time 'The Day After Tomorrow' is televised? It seems like it is broadcast at least once a week.

Question #145969. Asked by Walneto.
Last updated Aug 27 2018.
Originally posted Aug 19 2018 3:15 PM.

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Yes. Under the typical Screen Actors Guild contract, an actor is paid "residuals" for every showing, broadcast, or sale of recording of a movie in which that actor performed. All of these are considered "uses" and the contract will require pay per use.


Response last updated by gtho4 on Aug 27 2018.
Aug 19 2018, 5:37 PM
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Here's another link.
By the mid-1950s, both SAG and AFTRA had been successful in negotiating residuals for TV programs re-runs. But in 1960, what SAG officials feared a decade earlier became reality. Actors still didn’t receive a dime for films made by major motion picture studios when those films were licensed to television networks. On March 7, 1960, Guild members, by an 83 percent vote, approved a strike. The fight was a difficult one and, as the weeks passed, the strike took a serious toll on both sides. Finally, a compromise was reached. The Guild agreed to forego residual payments on films made prior to 1960. In return, producers agreed to pay residuals on all films made in 1960 and afterward, and the Guild accepted a payment of $2.25 million to form a pension and health plan. SAG and AFTRA members have been collecting residuals ever since.

Response last updated by gtho4 on Aug 27 2018.
Aug 26 2018, 8:48 PM
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