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On Penny Dreadful, who plays Victor Frankenstein's father at the funeral of Victor's mother?

Question #146335. Asked by george48.
Last updated Nov 27 2018.
Originally posted Nov 19 2018 4:24 PM.

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Answer has 1 vote.
Well this took some digging and I am not 100% sure of my answer! However, I will give it a go...
There is no actor listed for, or indeed no role listed for Victor Frankenstein's father, in every site that I have searched for "Penny Dreadful".
Episode 3, Season 1, is titled "Resurrection". One of the flashbacks scenes is Caroline Frankenstein dying. The only mention I could find of his father was in this scene....

[young Victor Frankenstein watches his mother as she lays dying in her bed]

Young Victor : [young Victor asks his father] Will she die today?

Alphonse : No, no, lad. Of course not.

Young Victor : Death is not serene.

I am assuming that "Alphonse" is his father.
Alphonse is was played by an Irish actor, Anthony Brophy.


Nov 27 2018, 9:48 AM
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