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What are crosswalks called in England?

Question #14734. Asked by cow.

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Answer has 4 votes.

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A pedestrian crossing is a place on a road or street where lines have been marked for pedestrians to cross and some sort of markings or lights are there to make the traffic stop. It might be a traffic lights with red green and orange or it might be just an orange flashing light.

I don't know what a crosswalk is.

Nov 30 2001, 9:07 AM
Brainy Blonde
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Brainy Blonde

Answer has 2 votes.
Crosswalk is the North American word for pedestrian crossing. Not all crosswalks
here have lights, but all have markings on the road, and usually a sign. If a
driver sees someone standing at the crosswalk, lights or no lights they are suppose
to stop, as the pedestrian has the right of way in this situation.

Nov 30 2001, 5:51 PM
Senior Moments
Answer has 3 votes
Senior Moments

Answer has 3 votes.
Senior Moments says:

Zebra Crossings are uncontrolled. Pelican Crossings are usually the same as Zebra Crossings but are controlled by lights. The name comes loosely from PE-dsetrian LI-ght CON-trolled

Fri Nov 30 02:20:12 CST 2001

According to KryssTal : English Usage in the UK and USA
It is simply called a Pedestrian Crossing

Fri Nov 30 02:24:14 CST 2001
(Reposted as one entry - McG)

Apr 15 2003, 7:29 AM
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