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In January 1878, George Willard Croy became the first person to do what?

Question #147933. Asked by serpa.
Last updated Jul 21 2020.
Originally posted Jul 21 2020 7:54 PM.

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He became the world's first telephone operator.
In January 1878 George Willard Croy became the world's first telephone operator when he started working for the Boston Telephone Dispatch company...
Emma Nutt became the first female telephone operator on 1 September 1878 when she started working for the Boston Telephone Dispatch company, because the attitude and behaviour of the teenage boys previously employed as operators was unacceptable. Emma was hired by Alexander Graham Bell, and reportedly, could remember every number in the telephone directory of the New England Telephone Company. More women began to replace men within this sector of the workforce for several reasons. The companies observed that women were generally more courteous to callers, and women's labor was cheap in comparison to men's. Specifically, women were paid from one half to one quarter of a man's salary.


Jul 21 2020, 10:22 PM
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