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Back during the video rental store heyday, there was a television commercial that started off with two or three American men watching a video in a rental store. The voiceover said, "Why are foreign films..." and a woman on the video the men were watching said (in French, I think), "Oh, Robert, why did you run away and leave me with the sad clown of life?" and the camera panned over to a clown making faces at the camera, as the voiceover cut in again with, "so foreign?" Then there was the intermission in which the product being hawked was featured, then it cut back to the guys bouncing on a couch as a giant explosion showed on their TV, while a couple of women sitting on the ends of the couch rolled their eyes and looked bored. Now the trivia question: what was the product being hawked?

Question #148171. Asked by HairyBear.
Last updated Apr 23 2021.
Originally posted Nov 30 2020 1:34 PM.

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Response last updated by gtho4 on Apr 23 2021.
Nov 30 2020, 7:12 PM
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