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Did Jason and the Argonauts ever find the Golden Fleece, and if so, what happened to it?

Question #148242. Asked by ozzz2002.
Last updated Jan 11 2021.
Originally posted Jan 10 2021 6:56 PM.

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The Golden Fleece of the Flying Ram
Victorious at last, though not of his own merit, Jason claimed the Golden Fleece from the branches of the oak tree. The flying ram with the Golden Fleece was the savior of Phrixus, and a sacrifice to Zeus himself. Its fleece was a coveted treasure that symbolized kingship and authority; it was like a magical book of alchemy and many more things, but to Jason it symbolized the fulfillment of his quest and all his dreams. Dawn was spreading her light over the Earth when Jason returned to the band of heroes. The crew marveled at Jason adorned with the mighty Golden Fleece that cast a godly sheen about him like the rising sun bursting through the clouds.

A Tragic Ending
Years after their adventures began, Jason and the Argonauts returned home to Iolcus. Though Jason triumphantly held the Golden Fleece in hand, and dedicated the Argo to Poseidon, his uncle, King Pelias, did not accept the gifts, nor did he relinquish his rule to the rightful heir, Jason, because there are some things no man treasures more than power.

Medea and Jason contrived to murder the usurper king. Medea tricked the daughters of Pelias into trying to rejuvenate their father by cutting him up and boiling him in a cauldron. However, Medea withheld the magical herbs, and the daughters only succeeded to kill their father. For this murder Medea and Jason were exiled from Iolcus.

As time passed trying to make a new life as mere citizens of Corinth, Jason betrayed his wife, saying that it was not she who deserved thanks but Aphrodite, whom caused Medea to fall in love with him. Jason then chose a new wife, a young princess rather than the old witch. Full of rage, and with no husband or home, Medea took vengeance by murdering Jason's family, including her own children. Jason was left to mourn his loses underneath the aging Argo and was struck dead by a rotting timber.


Jan 11 2021, 3:44 AM
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