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What is kinderschema?

Question #148252. Asked by serpa.
Last updated Jan 18 2021.
Originally posted Jan 17 2021 12:30 AM.

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The phrase refers to the physical attributes that elicit a universal response of "how cute" in people, whether it is a puppy or a baby. It has been suggested that these features have significance in stimulating a protective response towards the young of our species
Here are a few characteristics that all physically endearing things seem to have in common:
- Big, forward-facing eyes
- Rounded ears
- Coated fur (or rounded, potted belly)
- Loose limbs
- A large head that's disproportionate to its body size


Jan 17 2021, 2:55 AM
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It seems noteworthy that the word "kinderschema" clearly derives from German but the original German word reads "Kindchenschema" (i.e. "small child schema" or "baby schema"). The word "kinderschema" is unknown in German.

So the word itself "Kindchen" already comprises notions such as cuteness or need of parental care.


Jan 18 2021, 11:08 AM
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