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What's the highest altitude anyone has flown in a biplane?

Question #148302. Asked by davejacobs.
Last updated Feb 21 2021.
Originally posted Feb 20 2021 4:29 PM.

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In 1938, Mario Pezzi flew a piston-driven biplane without a payload to a height of 56,047 feet.


I have to admit I was surprised by this. In my mind I had imagined an open cockpit World War I style biplane and thought the record would be under 10,000 feet because of levels of oxygen in the air.

Feb 20 2021, 6:17 PM
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To add a bit, at link you'll see the plane. Pezzi set the record twice, the first being in a pressure suit in an open cockpit, and the second time in a new version of the plane. This, the Caproni Ca.161bis, had the cockpit sealed with the pilot in a pressurised and heated suit as well. link In between Pezzi's records, a Brit called M.J. Adam took the record in a Bristol 138 monoplane - the record not being specifically for bi- or mono-planes.

Feb 21 2021, 6:15 AM
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