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In international cricket, which bowler has, or has had, the fastest run in to bowl?

Question #148326. Asked by elvislennon.
Last updated Mar 06 2021.
Originally posted Mar 03 2021 10:35 PM.

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Answer has 4 votes.

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That is not a statistic that is usually measured, because run-up speed is not directly related to the delivery speed of the ball. This article has an interesting discussion of why fast bowlers need to control their speed of running in order to increase the speed of the ball on release.
The run up speed needs to be at an appropriate level to produce high linear velocity whilst still allowing the bowler to perform the bowling action adequately. Additionally, it is important to keep linear momentum as this will help the summation of forces (Bartlett, Stockill, Elliott, & Burnett, 1996). Each bowler will need a different variation of the run up as different body shapes and psychological aspects are different (Ranson, Burnett, King, 2008). ... cricketers can use reaction forces to decelerate the lower body causing the inertia of the upper body to rapidly accelerate the shoulders, hips and the bowling arm. This results in an appropriate ball release speed being applied to the bowling technique.


Mar 06 2021, 3:45 AM
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