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During the reign of Henry IV of England, he was visited by which emperor in 1400-1401, the only one of this empire to ever visit England?

Question #148471. Asked by pehinhota.
Last updated May 17 2021.
Originally posted May 17 2021 4:00 PM.

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It was the Byzantine emperor Manuel II Palaiologos who graced Henry IV of England with his presence, from December 1400 to January 1401. He stayed at Eltham, and they honored him with a joust for good measure.

See: link

May 17 2021, 4:12 PM
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Manuel II Palaiologos visited King Henry IV in an effort to gain support for the Byzantine empire's war against the Ottoman Turks. Manuel II was visiting the rulers of Western Europe to ask for money or men to defend Constantinople, which was in dire straits at the time.



May 17 2021, 4:14 PM
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