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What is the Treaty of Manila?

Question #148545. Asked by Thesuperyoshi.
Last updated Jul 09 2021.
Originally posted Jul 09 2021 3:31 AM.

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On July 4, 1946, representatives of the United States of America and of the Republic of the Philippines signed a Treaty of General Relations between the two governments or the Treaty of Manila of 1946. The treaty provided for the recognition of the independence of the Republic of the Philippines as of July 4, 1946, and the relinquishment of American sovereignty over the Philippine Islands.


Jul 09 2021, 3:36 AM
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There have been two treaties with that name, one in 1946 and one in 1954. The latter established the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO).

Treaty of Manila (1946), treaty by which the United States recognized the independence of the Philippines
Treaty of Manila (1954), alternative name for the Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty


Jul 09 2021, 3:49 AM
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