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What does "gol olimpico" mean in soccer/football?

Question #148619. Asked by Thesuperyoshi.
Last updated Aug 20 2021.
Originally posted Aug 20 2021 1:00 AM.

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I have no source for this, other than my memory, which may be faded. Back in my playing days, a "gol olimpico", or "Olympic goal" was one scored directly by a corner taker, without the ball touching another player.
Sounds easy, but the getting the swerve on the ball just right and avoiding the melee of players in the box makes it incredibly difficult.

Aug 20 2021, 1:08 AM
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Olimpico is short for "Gol Olímpico" in Spanish, which simply means an Olympic goal. The term was coined in 1924 after Argentinian soccer player Cesáreo Onzari scored a goal in the same fashion against reigning Olympic champions Uruguay.

Now, any goal scored from a corner kick is called Olimpico. It rarely happens because the scorer needs to kick the ball at an angle and perfectly curve it into the back of the net.


Aug 20 2021, 2:37 AM
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