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The probably first known attempt at a written record of the Cherokee language was created by which German immigrant who lived from 1736-1743 among that Native American people?

Question #148674. Asked by pehinhota.
Last updated Oct 22 2021.
Originally posted Oct 22 2021 1:43 PM.

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It looks like the German immigrant was Christian Priber.
Between 1736 and 1743 Christian Gottlieb Priber, a German lawyer and intellectual living among the Overhill Cherokees, attempted to form a republic of Indian nations that has been variously described as a "lost utopia" or a "new red empire."1 Priber married into the family of a prominent Cherokee leader and came to be an influential man himself, advising the Overhill towns to embrace both French and British traders but not to part with any more of their land. He also taught them how to build and operate their own steelyards so as not to be cheated by European merchants, and he promised to bring someone to the Cherokee country who could teach them how to make their own gunpowder ... Priber, a man who, on the one hand, "spoke Latin, French, Spanish, and German fluently and English brokenly" and had the education and upbringing to entertain the gentlemen of Frederica and, on the other hand, "ate, drank, slept, danced, dressed, and painted himself with the Indians, so that it was not easy to distinguish him from the natives," has long intrigued students of southern colonial history.3 Yet although Priber has been referenced in dozens of secondary sources throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, only four papers of original scholarship concerning Priber have been published in English

Oct 22 2021, 5:52 PM
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