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Where is the Christmas Tree capital of the world located?

Question #14971. Asked by Brainy Blonde.

Son of The Household Cavalry
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Son of The Household Cavalry

Answer has 9 votes.

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Take your pick. Here are just three claiming that honour
1) Indiana is the Christmas Tree Capital of the World! Indiana farmers began growing trees specifically to be used as Christmas trees around 1918, and today over a million Christmas trees a year are marketed from Indiana farms.
2) the Christmas Tree Capital of the World, Wautoma, Wisconsin, is south of Wisconsin State Highway {29;} yet, is there anything more symbolic of 'The North' than Christmas Trees?
3)CHRISTMAS TREE CAPITAL-Located in Waushara County in central Wisconsin, Wild Rose is in the area known as the Christmas Tree capital of the world with over ten million Christmas Treein in plantations covering thousands of acres.

Dec 14 2001, 9:05 AM
Son of The Household Cavalry
Answer has 6 votes
Son of The Household Cavalry

Answer has 6 votes.
4)We were honoured, in 1996, to be designated the Balsam Fir Christmas Tree Capital of the World.
The Lunenburg County Christmas Tree Producers Association (LCCTPA) was founded in 1969. We have over 400 members throughout our native Nova Scotia, the rest of Canada and the United States. We are dedicated to growing balsam fir, mother natures, way in wildstands. The traditional Christmas Tree of Christmas's past and Christmas future.
5) Estacada, Oregon is known as the Christmas Tree Capital of the world
6) Patricia Enslow (B.A. 1980) lives in Shelton, Washington, the 'Christmas tree capital of the world,'

All these are found just by putting in 'christmas tree capital of the world'. There are lots more and it appears that different organisations have picked different locations to be the capital. I do not know where to find the definitive answer. I will say though that the Americans do have a different view on the size of the world to the rest of us.

Dec 14 2001, 9:17 AM
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