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What do Finland police do instead of issuing parking tickets?

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Friar Tuck
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Friar Tuck

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In Helsinki, Finland, instead of giving parking tickets, the police usually deflate tires.

Jan 16 2002, 7:50 AM
Jam Tomorrow
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Jam Tomorrow

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Contrary to popular belief, the police don't actually do this themselves, They have a very talented rodent whom they employ to let down the tyres/tires for them, whilst also serenading them with operatic arias. As they have trouble pronouncing his very long Italian real name, he is simply known as 'Deflator Mouse'.

Feb 11 2002, 11:07 PM
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Answer has 3 votes.
Adherence to parking regulations in Helsinki is controlled by traffic wardens. Their work promotes the safety and smoothness of traffic. Controlling is used to prevent illegal parking.

Traffic wardens provide information on proper parking. They provide information on obtaining a parking permit, the various payment methods, and on finding the nearest parking place.

The police also monitor parking. If parking causes serious danger or inconvenience, traffic wardens notify the police of illegal parking.

The driver is always responsible for following parking regulations. Drivers contribute to the safety of traffic through their behaviour; smooth and safe traffic means a more enjoyable city. Illegal parking causes inconvenience to everyone.

is controlling the parking here in Helsinki, Finland.

Apr 22 2008, 4:58 AM
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