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A roll of what number on the dice is called Little Phoebe in the game of {craps:Number1;Number2;Number5;OR} Number6 ?

Question #16812. Asked by yatin.
Last updated Jan 22 2017.

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Taken from link but with no explanation
Little Phoebe
n : the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one (syn: five,
5, V, cinque, quint, quintet, fivesome, quintuplet,
pentad, fin, Phoebe, Little Phoebe)

Response last updated by satguru on Jan 22 2017.
Feb 25 2002, 2:41 AM
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McGruff says:

In the game of craps the slang term 'Little Phoebe' refers to a roll of 5 on the dice.

Sat Feb 23 19:14:08 CST 2002

McG says:

Unfortunately, the term doesn't appear in the dozens of sites which come up in a search of 'crap terms.' The statement I found uses the word 'slang' which may be the problem. Perhaps it's not official, don't know personally. Here's a list that does include 'Phoebe' among other terms that are not on standard lists.


Sun Feb 24 02:13:40 CST 2002
(As one entry - McG)

Response last updated by CmdrK on Jan 22 2017.
May 25 2003, 1:59 PM
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