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The pharmaceutical abbreviation 'qod' means 'every other day'. But what do the initials actually stand for in Latin?

Question #17157. Asked by Mother Goose.

Laurel Laurent
Answer has 2 votes
Laurel Laurent

Answer has 2 votes.
Every other day in latin is quaque altere die. Somehow it has been changed to qod

Mar 13 2002, 1:08 AM
Senior Moments
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Senior Moments

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I did not realise there were so many different ones on the presriptions. No wonder people are confused: -
q, (Lat. quaque) - each or every.
q.d., qd, (quaque in die) once a day, every day
q.h., qh, every hour
q.i.d., qid, four times a day
q.o.d., every other day
q.s., quantity sufficient
Q2H, every two hours.
QA, quality assurance.
QAM, qam, every morning.
QD, every day.
QH, every hour.
qhs, every night at bedtime.
QID, four times a day.
QM, qm, every morning.
QN, qn, quaque nox - every night.
QNS, qns, quantity not sufficient.
QOD, every other day.
QOH, every other hour.
QON, every other night.
QP, as much as {desired;} at will.
QPM, every afternoon.
qqh, every four hours (Lat. quaque quarta hora).
QS, qs, sufficient quantity.
QV, as much as desired.

Mar 13 2002, 10:41 AM
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