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What fish can blink its eyes?

Question #2957. Asked by AW.
Last updated Aug 24 2016.

Answer has 16 votes

Answer has 16 votes.
A shark is the only fish that can blink.

May 31 2000, 8:21 PM
zbeckabee star
Answer has 17 votes
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Answer has 17 votes.

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General consensus is that the shark (most -- not all types) is the only fish that blinks, however:

Sharks don't blink in the way that we are used to. They have upper and lower eyelids, but these lids don't move and don't close over the eye. When biting prey, some sharks protect their eyes with a third eyelid called the nictitating membrane.


Response last updated by Terry on Aug 24 2016.
Feb 13 2008, 9:21 PM
McGruff star
Answer has 11 votes
McGruff star
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Answer has 11 votes.
Not all sharks can "blink."

Fish in general, do not have any kind of an eyelid, or nictitating membrane.

Not all sharks have eye protection called nictitating membranes. Of the 453 shark species worldwide, there are about 15 species that lack this eye protection.

Some species in New England coastal waters without a nictitating membrane are: the white, shortfin mako, porbeagle, thresher, sand tiger, dogfish, and basking shark.


Response last updated by Terry on Aug 24 2016.
Feb 14 2008, 1:17 AM
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