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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada claims to be the only city in North America which forbids the public wearing of what?

Question #3482. Asked by Ellie.
Last updated Jan 20 2017.

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Answer has 4 votes.
Fragrances, perfumes, scents.

Source: Olfactory Offense: Wearing cologne or perfume is illegal in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The law was designed to prevent illness caused by allergies and other discomforts. Things got a bit heated at press conferences this past weekend. Activists and researchers claimed that untested, carcinogenic chemicals in perfumes are making people sick with asthma and other respiratory industry officials insist their products are safe.

Jun 23 2000, 12:41 AM
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Since I actually live in Halifax NS, I can state with absolute certainty that it is NOT forbidden to wear either perfume or shorts in public. I have blantantly sported shorts in public. I have flaunted them brazenly, but never has anyone tried to forbid me, and if they did they could eat my shorts! I also shower myself in gallons of cologne each day, and again no problem. The issue with scents has arisen because some companies and institutions here have implemented their own scent-free policies, but these are NOT law.

Jun 23 2000, 1:29 AM
zbeckabee star
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"We do not have a legislated ban on fragrances here. An 84-year old woman was not 'booted out' of City Hall, or 'bullied by misplaced guilt'. The Duncan MacMillan student was not 'handed over to the RCMP' and did not 'nearly get a criminal record'. No one claims fragrance chemicals include DDT. We don't have 'scent police'. There was no placard-bearing march on City Hall by people wearing gas masks! Such talk must sell newspapers, though!"

-- Karen Robinson, Nova Scotia Allergy and Environmental Health Association (NSAEHA)


Response last updated by CmdrK on Jan 20 2017.
Feb 23 2008, 9:24 PM
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