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What does 'folk' mean in Norfolk an Suffolk?

Question #37694. Asked by elizabethmc.

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I was always told it just meant 'folk'! Norfolk means literally 'North Folk'. Guess what Suffolk means!

Aug 19 2003, 6:42 PM
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West Folk?

Aug 19 2003, 6:44 PM
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Answer has 2 votes.

Aug 19 2003, 6:47 PM
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It may be worth noting that though there is a Norfolk-Suffolk pair of opposites, there is no such
Southwich- Norwich pair. Yet there was a southern
"opposite" to Norwich nl.Ipswich (Gip's landing-place).In 993 the name of the town was still recorded as Gipswich. Also in Greenwich and Woolwich 'wich' means landing-place. The village of Gipping near Newmarket is supposed to stand for: the 'town' or 'place' of the people of Gip.

Aug 20 2003, 3:25 AM
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