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Which is the only Dickens novel with a female narrator?

Question #44571. Asked by MaggieG 5.

Answer has 2 votes

Answer has 2 votes.
Bleak House.

Feb 22 2004, 2:19 PM
Yaarbiriah star
Answer has 2 votes
Yaarbiriah star
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Answer has 2 votes.
'Bleak House' alternates between the narrative of Esther, a major character (in the first person of course) and a poetic third person narrative in the present tense.
It is also the novel which features the fabled spontaneous combustion and even a brief reference to dinosaurs, as well as a tribute to London fog, or smog. It's also a great dig at the legal system and some things haven't changed. A delightful read which shows Charles Dickens does have a sense of humour.

May 08 2007, 3:40 PM
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