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What's the origin of the nickname "Butch"?

Question #47758. Asked by tjoebigham.
Last updated Jun 13 2021.

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Answer has 11 votes.

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butch - "tough youth," 1902, first attested in nickname of outlaw George Cassidy, probably an abbreviation of butcher. Sense of "aggressive lesbian" is 1940s.
butcher - c.1300, from Anglo-Norm. boucher, from O.Fr. bouchier "slaughterer of goats," from bouc "male goat," from Frank. *bukk (see buck). The verb is recorded from 1562. Figurative sense of "brutal murderer" is attested from 1529.


Response last updated by gtho4 on Jun 13 2021.
May 24 2004, 9:29 AM
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