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What is the difference between an attack and an invasion?

Question #54074. Asked by ShakeyMikey.

shady shaker
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shady shaker

Answer has 1 vote.
An attack invariably means aggressive intent. An invasion, although it MAY be aggressive, may also be peaceful.

Jan 15 2005, 1:03 PM
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Answer has 1 vote.
shady is correct, in the early sixites we had the "British Invasion" in the States...this was British rock groups, like the Beatles and the Stones, becoming very popular over here.

Jan 15 2005, 1:36 PM
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20 year member
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Answer has 2 votes.
Invasion implies you're going into someone else's territory, whereas an attack can be on people who have invaded your territory. Invasion must be across a frontier, but attack can be anywhere.

Jan 15 2005, 1:54 PM
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