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In our solar system, which moon is closest to its planet (surface to surface), and which is the farthest from its planet? And how do these moons compare with ours as far as distance goes?

Question #62773. Asked by Arpeggionist.

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You know, folks, I was asking this seriously.

Mar 01 2006, 2:58 PM
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According to the site below the Moon orbits the Earth at a distance of 364,000 km, the furthest moon is Callirhoe, locked in an orbit 24.1 million miles from Jupiter and Phobos fearfully remains close to its mother planet at a distance of 9,000km.
The real situation is far more complicated, with few moons in a circular orbit. Many have a great distance between their perigee (when the orbit is closest to its planet) and apogee (when it is furthest). Some moons, like Hyperion, even have chaotic orbits that are different each time they go round.

Mar 01 2006, 6:30 PM
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