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What Sienfeld character asks for extra MSG at Chinese restaurants, and in which episode?

Question #633. Asked by kelley.
Last updated Jul 29 2021.

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Answer has 10 votes.
This site says it was Kramer, but does not identify the episode.
The characters on Seinfeld are more rounded and less stereotyped than practically any on TV. Kramer, for example, the next-door neighbor with the electric hair and thrift-shop wardrobe, could have been a typical sitcom shtick figure. Instead he's an impassioned eccentric with endless reserves of nuttiness. (After the group orders Chinese food, he shouts a final request into the phone: "And extra MSG!")

Response last updated by gtho4 on Jul 29 2021.
Oct 25 2007, 9:06 PM
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Answer has 27 votes.

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Episode #50 "The Virgin" -- It is Kramer, and this episode was from Season 4.
Here is the script:
George: We gotta get something. I don't want to go to that meeting on an empty stomach. Let's get some Chinese. You wanna order it?
Jerry: All right, but then we gotta get some work done. Let me just call Kramer, see if want anything. (Calls) Hey, we ordering Chinese food. If you want anything-- (Kramer enters quickly) let me know what it is and I'll order for you.
Kramer: I'm in. Let's go for it.
George: What do you want?
Kramer: I don't care, whatever.
George: I'll tell you what. Why don't we just get a couple of dishes and we'll just share 'em.
Kramer: Okay. What are you getting?
George: I'm gonna get a Chow Fung.
Kramer: What's a Chow Fung?
George: It's a broad noodle.
Kramer: What do you mean, a broad noodle?
George: It's a big flat noodle.
Kramer: Well I don't want a big flat noodle.
George: What kind of noodle do you want?
Kramer: Who says I want a noodle?
George: All right, look. I'm getting the Chow Fung. You don't have to have any.
Kramer: All right. I'll get pea pods and you can't have any of my pea pods.
George: Fine.
Kramer: Get extra MSG.

You can see the clip at this site : link

Response last updated by gtho4 on Jul 29 2021.
Oct 25 2007, 9:26 PM
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