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What is the name given to young fish?

Question #64509. Asked by babs39.

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Answer has 8 votes.

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Small fish, especially young, recently hatched fish.

Apr 11 2006, 2:25 PM
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Answer has 4 votes.
Some fish have specific names; for example, young salmon are smolt.

Apr 11 2006, 4:28 PM
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Answer has 6 votes.
Salmon go through more stages, the first being Alevins, whilst they still have part of the egg yolk to live on, then Fry, then around a year as Parr, when they live in the river.
Smolts are the stage as they prepare to leave for the sea.
There will be more fish not classed as fry, Sharks for instance.

Apr 12 2006, 1:09 AM
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