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From what language does the word "mango" come from?

Question #65983. Asked by apple03.
Last updated Aug 31 2016.

Answer has 5 votes

Answer has 5 votes.
mango — this sweetly fragrant, succulent tropical fruit (Mangifera indica) is called mân in Tamil; the Tamil word for 'unripe fruit' is kây, so mân-kây became mangga in Malay and then mango in English via Portuguese. Why do we call the mango after its unripe version? Maybe because of commerce: fruit merchants shipped green mangoes because of their longer shelf life, to ripen later, and the non-Tamil merchants were used to hearing "mân-kây", so that became the basis of their word for them. When Tamilians eat mangoes, they call them mâm-palam, using the word for ripe fruit.

May 20 2006, 9:45 PM
Answer has 7 votes
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Answer has 7 votes.

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The name "mango" is derived from the Tamil word "mangay" or "man-gay." When the Portuguese traders settled in Western India, they adopted the name as "manga."

link The language here is related Malayalam from the same area south of India. (satguru)

Response last updated by satguru on Aug 31 2016.
May 21 2006, 12:53 AM
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