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On the show "Just Shoot Me" David Spade's character, Dennis, had a pet. What was his pet, what was its name, how did it die and what did he do with it after its demise?

Question #70911. Asked by skysmom65.

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For companionship, Dennis kept a fluffy white award-winning pure-bred cat named Spartacus in his apartment. One day, Dennis took his cat to work and it accidentally died in a collision while publisher Jack Gallo and his daughter, Maya were racing remote control model cars around the office. Grief stricken [and not knowing how the cat died] Finch stuffed Spartacus and one day placed the mounted remains of his dead feline on Jack Gallo’s desk. Jack’s guilt became so overwhelming [he thought the cat was talking to him] that he confessed his misdeed to Dennis.


Sep 21 2006, 7:03 PM
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The episode ends with Spartacus accidentally going up in flames due to the cat's proximity to Jack's still lit cigar.

Sep 21 2006, 11:31 PM
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