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What is the number of eyes on a US one dollar bill?

Question #71256. Asked by 77nellie.

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Answer has 3 votes.

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I make it four.

George Washington has two eyes, and on the back of the bill there’s an eye at the top of the pyramid, and one eye visible on the eagle..

Oct 07 2006, 4:16 PM
Answer has 3 votes

Answer has 3 votes.
What about the Owl in the upper right-hand corner of the bill at the upper left-hand border of the numeral 1?

Speaking of the Eagle. Did you know that "officially" during "Peace time" the Eagle looks toward the Olive branches and during war toward the arrows?

"The main figure on the obverse (front) of the seal is a Bald Eagle with its wings outstretched ("displayed", in heraldic terms). From the eagle's perspective, it holds a bundle of 13 (referring to the Thirteen Colonies) arrows in its left talon and an olive branch (with thirteen leaves and thirteen olives) in its right talon, symbolic respectively of war and peace (see Olive Branch Petition) and a preference for peace. The eagle also has its head turned towards the olive branch, symbolizing again a preference for peace. The eagle clutches the motto "E Pluribus Unum" (Out of many, one) in its beak; over its head there appears a "glory" with thirteen stars on a blue field. The 13 stars above the eagle form a star of david."


Oct 07 2006, 10:43 PM
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