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A "legendary" sword called Masamune appears in a few video games. Are there any real legends attached to this name, or is it simply a creation of the game creators?

Question #71543. Asked by kaylofgorons.

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Diamondlance star
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Interesting question. Quoted from Wikipedia we have "Masamune (�³�@), also known as Goro Nyudo, is widely recognized as Japan's greatest swordsmith. No exact dates are known for Masamune's life, but it is generally agreed that he made most of his swords in the early-to-mid 1300s. He created swords, known as katana in Japanese, in the Soshu tradition. He is believed to have trained Hikoshiro Hiromitsu/Soshu Sadamune another great sword smith."

Oct 15 2006, 2:37 PM
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kaylofgorons star
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Yay for Diamondlance! Thank you! :)

Oct 15 2006, 3:34 PM
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