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Are all squares rectangles, or are all rectangles squares? Help me!

Question #71660. Asked by kingfeuder9997.
Last updated Oct 13 2016.

Answer has 45 votes
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Answer has 45 votes.

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Square is a subset of rectangle, so all squares are rectangles. However, not all rectangles are squares. Rectangle can have incongruent adjacent sides, but square must have congruent adjacent sides.


Quadrangles are all four figured shapes including regular (with names like square and parralelogram) and irregular with all different length sides. (satguru)

Response last updated by Terry on Oct 13 2016.
Oct 20 2006, 2:18 PM
Answer has 35 votes

Answer has 35 votes.
All squares are rectangles. A rectangle has four right angles. However, not all rectangles are squares. A square does have four right angles, but the sides must also have the same measurement. So, only some rectangles are squares.

Feb 16 2007, 11:58 PM
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