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In what five states did Bonnie and Clyde terrorize banks and store owners?

Question #72927. Asked by skysmom65.
Last updated May 17 2023.

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Answer has 5 votes.
Bonnie and Clyde traveled constantly, throughout Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Iowa, Illinois, and Arkansas.

Response last updated by Terry on Aug 25 2016.
Dec 04 2006, 5:25 PM
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They traveled through the central part of the US during the depression. They raided banks and stores in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico and Missouri.

Dec 04 2006, 7:16 PM
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Bonnie & Clyde terrorized banks and store owners in five states -- Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, and New Mexico no longer exists

Response last updated by gtho4 on May 17 2023.
Dec 04 2006, 9:31 PM
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Slightly different answers above. I like this one the best because it is taken from a 1934 article at the time of the events.

"During the last two years Barrow and Bonnie Parker, with their various companions, have established a criminal record that eclipses even that of Pretty Boy Floyd and the other noted bad men of Southwest. And this elusive, youthful bandit couple - Barrow is 23 and Bonnie is only 19 - boast that they will not be taken alive.

They have murdered, assaulted, robbed, kidnapped, looted and shot their way out of police traps throughout Texas and in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Louisiana, Illinois, Ohio, New Mexico, Indiana and probably other States."


(Originally published by the Daily News on April 22, 1934. This story was written by Virgil S. Beck.)

Response last updated by Terry on Aug 25 2016.
Aug 25 2016, 11:23 PM
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