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What 25 letter name of a vegetable uses all letters of the alphabet except the letter 'y'?

Question #74647. Asked by maryliz914.
Last updated Oct 10 2017.
Originally posted Aug 08 2017 8:14 AM.

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Answer has 3 votes.

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I can find no vegetable (or any other word) that satisfies the TWO requirements here, that it be 25 letters AND that no letter repeats. According to the Oxford Dictionary site, the longest word that does not repeat a letter is 15 letters long, and there are two of them, uncopyrightable and dermatoglyphics.


This list of 25 letter words includes no vegetables: link

On the supposition that the questioner was referring to the Latin name, I checked this page: link No pair of words matched the requirements, either.

Oct 10 2017, 2:18 AM
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